My research interests lie in the intersection of computational fluid dynamics, scientific computing, and
computer graphics. I am particularly passionate about their multidisciplinary applications in physics-based
animation. Also I aspire to connect art and science together through visualizations and artworks.

Currently, I am studying and developing computational methods for Eulerian simulations of fluid–structure
interaction. I also defended my master’s thesis on this topic, “A Lattice Boltzmann Implementation of the
Reference Map Technique”, in May 2020. See Fluid–Structure Interaction tab for more details.


2. A lattice Boltzmann based reference map technique for fluid–structure interaction
    APS March Meeting 2021, Virtual (March 19, 2021)
1. “From Notebook to the Cloud” Workshops
    Harvard IACS ComputeFest 2020, Cambridge, MA (January 21, 2020)


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