Since my research mainly uses Eulerian-based methods like the reference map technique and the lattice
Boltzmann method to simulate fluids, I want to challenge myself to have more exposure to other popular
simulation schemes and famous fluid models. The follwing are the methods/papers/models I studied and
implemented in my course/internship projects: 

  • Rayleigh-Bénard convection: high-performance computing, finite element method (AC290r)
  • droplet interface tracking: finite volume method (AM205) and level set method (6.838)
  • water surface simulation: height-field map (6.837)
  • dynamic bones system: position-based dynamics (internship)
  • material point method: journal club (ES240, Rycroft group meeting)
  • “Stable Fluids”: implemtation and comparison with fluid models with known solutions (AM201)