APS March Meeting: A lattice Boltzmann based reference map technique for fluid–structure interaction

Physical Simulation: A Study on Physics-Based Fluid Animation (Python)
Physical Simulation: A Study on Computational Tools for Large Solid Deformation (C++, Python)
Technical Animation: Demo Reel of Internship Projects (C++, Python)
Master’s Thesis: A Lattice Boltzmann Implementation of the Reference Map Technique (C++)

Physical Simulation: Multiphase Spinodal Decomposition (C++)
Physical Simulation: Fluid Maze Solver (C++)
Computer Vision: Regenerative-Morphed and Style-Transferred Fluid Animation (Python)
Technical Animation: Demo Reel of Internship Projects (Python, Arduino)
Physical Simulation: Rayleigh-Bernard Convection (C++)
Physical Simulation: Tracking Interface of Droplets in Water (C++)
Physical Simulation: Independent Study on the Lattice Boltzmann Method (C++)

Computer Graphics: Starry Night, A Moving Van Gogh (C++, OpenGL)
Physical Simulation: Simulation of A Droplet in Water (Python)
Software Development: DeriveAlive, An Autodifferentiation Package (Python)

Facial Animation: Lip Sync (Maya, Mudbox)
Facial Animation: Fourteen Expressions (Maya, Mudbox)
Interactive Graphics: Ink Drops (p5.js)
Interactive Graphics: Evolution of Dots (p5.js)
Interactive Graphics: Tilted Box (p5.js)
Interactive Graphics: Yin-Yang (p5.js)
Physical Simulation: A Model of Ice Melting (MATLAB)
Computer Animation: Hippo Sandwich (Maya)
Architectural Drawing: Cubic Matrix

Architectural Drawing: St. Patrick’s Cathedral
Projection Mapping: From Shanghai with Love (After Effects)
Virtual Reality: Applications of Topological Shapes in Virtual Reality (C#, Unity3D)
Computer Animation: Hologram Box (After Effects, Unity3D)
Stop Motion Animation: Flappy Bird

Interactive Graphics: Pixel Maze (Processing, Arduino)